Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Iron-Jawed Boy , by Nikolas Lee

Callers (Humans Who Can Control the Elements)
Oceanus Reaves  12 years old Girl Sister of Ion, the Sea Guardian
Ion (Ionikus Reave) – Sky Guardian, who is called Oinker by his sister

Othum- Skylord  
Eos & Ezra
Vinya - Teacher
Esereez - Teacher
llindria – Teacher
                Illindia’s twin children
Spike – Guardians
Solara - Guardians
Spike and Solara have lived on Illyria since birth.

This is a story about Ion who is a 10 year old boy. Ion his sister and his mother are all sanding on the dock waiting to find out if they would be chosen to go to Americas to fight against Outerworld humans. Ion’s name is called as is his sister. Ion father shows up and attaches the Iron Jaw to Ion saying to would safe him. Ion is forced into slavery and his mother is forced to fight on the front lines.

The story follows Ion and his journey through being sold into slavery and how he deals with his new master, from there you find out about the different Gods as well as that Ion is a Guardian and must attend school with giants, dwarfs, and elves.

This story is very well developed! It captured my attention and I had a hard time doing anything else until I finished it! I grew to love certain characters more than others, and there were certain characters I couldn't stand, I won't say which as reading the book is an adventure in itself and it is one you should read and find out for yourself.

I would give this book 5 out of 5! It was such an amazing read and it would be acceptable for anyone of any age who likes an exciting story!

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review!

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