Thursday, February 6, 2014

Modern Disciples Vol. 2

Modern Disciples Vol. 2:
By: I. S. Anderson

The story is about 6 disciples: Lisa, Jane, Ryan, Angie, Sajaad, and Armand. The story starts in Las Vegas with Jane and Lisa. Jane’s mother and patron Freya has a task for her daughter. She needs Jane and the group to find her tears. Soon Jane and Lisa are joined by the rest of the group. Ryan the leader of the group splits the group up into groups of 2. The story then follows Jane and Ryan’s part of the adventure…. From there you take a trip to Florida with the group once they are back together. 
A foe from the past shows up. You also get more interaction with the Goddess Freya. 

This Story is told from Jane’s POV this time instead of Ryan’s. The fact that it was told from Jane’s POV I think really made this story more enjoyable. This story brings you in and gives you a better understanding of how it feels to be the daughter of a War and Love goddess. This book is a page turn and really draws you in. This book has more adventure and shows you more mythical creatures than the first. I think anyone who likes myths will really enjoy this book. The story is well developed and I really enjoyed it!

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