Thursday, February 6, 2014

Prince of Dark Ness

Prince of Dark Ness
By: Lizzie Starr

The main Characters in the story are Morghan (who is the current ruler of the Alfar-Sindhu people), Coralie (who is the adoptive daughter of the late king), Pagas (The current high chancellor of the Alfar-Sindhu people, and Adoptive son of the late king), and the last main character is Lucidea (She is an American specialist in forensic facial reconstruction).

The story is about a race of people who can trace their ancestry back to when a Fire Elemental (an Immortal) raped a Mortal three times and she then gave birth to triplets who were the first of the three races. One of air, one of water, and one of Earth. The Alfar-Sindhu people are of the water race. The prince has the American Lucidea come so she can help him to identify the skull. She is not allowed to use any technology and must reconstruct the skull from clay.

Coralie has stood by Morghan’s side since they were children. Coralie is in love with Morghan and always has been. She is like a servant to Morghan and make sure he never wants for anything. Coralie is a half born. With one of her parents being a Alfar-Sindhu and her other parent being a human.

I really enjoyed the story and was left wanting more after I finished the story. The way the prince spoke did aggravate me a bit as he had a very thick Scottish accent. The story did take place in Scotland around Lock Ness. Yes you get to meat Nessie and find out where she hides when the tourist try and find her. The writing is amazing and makes you crave more. The main Characters each have their own issues and it adds to the plot.

The story was well developed and leaves you wanting to know how the story will end. I will say the end is a cliff hanger and it leaves you wanting more.

I want to thank the author for the chance to read her book. I absolutely loved it and cannot wait till the second book comes out!

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